"Are You a Charity or Non-Profit Organisation That Needs To Raise Funds ?"

Then this is going to be the most profitable webpage that you have read!

If you are a Charity, or Non-Profit organisation, why not consider COLLECTING USED STAMPS ON PAPER  as an extremely easy and profitable way of raising those much-needed Funds?  


 Collecting stamps the StampsForCharity.net way, couldn’t be easier. Through your newsletter, or leaflets/posters placed in your shops, ask your supporters to collect the stamps from the everyday mail of themselves, family, friends, local businesses and any other acquaintances. 

 The more that you spread the word, the more stamps you will benefit from.

The vast majority of businesses and households simply throw their used stamps away.
This way they are getting to help a worthwhile cause.


The stamps must be totally unsorted, just as received through the mail. The stamps will need to be on single paper (just the front part of the envelope), and with approximately ΒΌ” of paper around each one.


 Just get your supporters to send their collected stamps to:

Used Stamp Appeal

Fords Farm
NR29 4EP 


 At the end of each Quarter (March, June, September and December) we send a statement of account, and cheque, to your office (When you set up this system, you will need to let us know the Branch Address to send payment!). 


 What advantages does this method of collecting have? 

No bulky storage necessary
No volunteers tied up sorting the stamps out
No time spent opening envelopes
No time spent doing administration 

Just a Quarterly cheque arriving on your doorstep.  

If, despite these advantages, you wish to collect centrally (Charity-owned shop for example), we will credit your account with the postage for sendings of 5 kilos and above. For sendings of 10 kilos and over, we can arrange to have the stamps collected at our expense.


All you will need to do, is advertise and promote the Appeal.  


To register your Charity with us, just email the name of your Charity and/or Branch, and the address to which you require payments to be sent.

If you have any further questions regarding this method of Fund-raising, please email at:


Currently paying HIGH PRICE per kilo for genuine unpicked stamps, just as received in the mail.